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May 16, 2017

I have always been into new technologies. In my teenage years, I stumbled upon something amazing: HTML. At that time, it was all about <table> and <blink>. Writing code in Notepad and seeing it come alive in Netscape Navigator really blew my mind. This hobby progressively became a passion, and with passion came expertise. The web has drastically changed in the past 15 years, and I am glad I was part of this journey.


I first developed a passion for UI design, then I progressively moved onto front-end development. Nowadays, I am mostly doing User Experience.

When I started my own digital agency, N2Clic Ltd I quickly had to learn about business development and project management. Those skills made it possible to successfully ran software business called Awesome Support, which I later sold.

Thanks to this decade of experience and cutting-edge technologies, I create engaging digital experiences for all types of companies and projects.


I’m self-motivated and I love to be challenged. Learning new stuff and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and frameworks is part of my daily routine.

While I like to listen to others, I also like to speak up. I believe that to achieve great results, constructive criticism is necessary.



When I’m not crafting awesome user experiences, I love to spend time outside with my camera. I enjoy photography because it’s a great opportunity to step out of the computer and to pay attention to stuff you won’t normally notice.

Up in the Air by Julien Vernet Foreign muay thai fighter struggling by Julien Vernet Police officer taking a nap in the car by Julien Vernet Relaxing Temple by Julien Vernet Turkish Driver in Traffic by Julien Vernet Bangkok Buildings by Julien Vernet Tha Kha Floating Market by Julien Vernet Sangkhlaburi's Night Market by Julien Vernet Sathorn Unique Tower - Abandoned Building by Julien Vernet Food stall at Thai market by Julien Vernet Roti in the making by Julien Vernet Bicycle lost in the Jungle by Julien Vernet Longtail Boat on Chao Praya by Julien Vernet

To see all of the photos I decided to share, please follow me 500px.


I can’t live without spending time outside. I have always been a sport lover, and it became a necessity when I started freelancing and spending hours in front of my screens.

I run quite often in my area, “the green lungs of Bangkok”. I love trail running and my favorite event was the Koh Chang Ultra Trail, which was 37 kms.

I have been doing Parkour since January 2017.

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