Julien Vernet
Bangkok-based Product Manager

With over 10 years of experience in product management, user experience and business development, Julien transforms ideas into digital products that people want to use.

I'm currently working @Nimble as Sernior Product Manager. I previously ran a N2Clic Ltd for over 6 years as project manager and business developer.

Julien Vernet

Here are some achievements I'm proud of:

  • Designed, launched and sold a popular WordPress product
    A great product development experience where I created WordPress business from the ground up. I grew the business by truly caring about the users, by setting up a public roadmap and a vision based on real needs.
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  • Built a IoT platform that remotely controlled AC units
    One of my first client Fluent was a company that offered to make energy savings by setting up load balancing for airconditioners.
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  • Build a small business from the ground up
    Back in 2010 when I started N2Clic, I had pretty much zero experience in operating a business. But I had this dream to have an impact, to help people unleash their potential online, and I was eager to learn new things. I believed in myself and my business partner.

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