Julien Vernet
Bangkok-based Product Manager

With over 10 years of experience in product management, user experience and business development, I transform ideas into digital products that people want to use.

I'm currently working for Nimble as Senior Product Manager. In recent experiences, I got the opportunity to improve agile processes and craft product strategy for various PropTech companies.

Julien Vernet

Here are some achievements I'm proud of:

  • Designed, launched and sold a popular WordPress product
    A great product development experience where I created WordPress business from the ground up. I grew the business by truly caring about the users, by setting up a public roadmap and a vision based on real needs.
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  • Built a IoT platform that remotely controlled AC units
    One of my first client Fluent was a company that offered to make energy savings by setting up load balancing for airconditioners.
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  • Build a small business from the ground up
    Back in 2010 when I started N2Clic, I had pretty much zero experience in operating a business. But I had this dream to have an impact, to help people unleash their potential online, and I was eager to learn new things. I believed in myself and my business partner.

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