mykru - Mobile market place

mykru - Mobile market place

The market

10,000,000,000 THB/year - The estimated value of the tutorial school market in Thailand.

Thailand has more than 535,000 students studying in tutorial schools; this doesn’t include the thousands more studying with freelance tutors. Over the past two decades, the number of tutorial centers in Thailand has quadrupled, and turned into a 10 billion baht industry. Clearly it’s big, but we already know that.

The pains

Many freelance instructors are part of private groups on Facebook and Line, moderated by agents charging a finder’s fee for pairing students with instructors.

mykru pain points

This introduces both a financial burden and a financial risk for instructors - they pay to acquire new students with no guarantee of continued future returns. Furthermore, students are often paired with the first, not the best, available instructor because they paid for the lead.

Our goals

Mykru aims to disrupt this for-profit system by allowing freelance instructors to cut out the middleman and reach students directly for a fraction of the cost. We charge a flat monthly fee instead of charging per connection or hourly commission.

Mykru not only offers a user-friendly, mobile-first interface, but we also plan to continuously roll out value-added features to ensure user retention.

Our application features a database of instructors with location-based searches, filters, and reviews & ratings of instructors to help students make the best choice.



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