Building an Android app with Vuetify, Airtable & Firebase

Building an Android app with Vuetify, Airtable & Firebase

Why a localized biker application?

Being a biker, I get asked a lot of questions:

"Do you know any shop that sells jackets?" "Where can I get my bike customized?" "Where to get my bike washed?"

As a grew tired of having to repeat myself, I decided to share some knowledge. Luckily Julien Liabeuf had created an Airtable containing multiple motorcycle shops in Bangkok, so it was the perfect opportunity to start building something new that would help people. As a biker, you don't really carry your laptop with you all the time, so it was obvious the solution needed to be mobile friendly.

As I have 0 experience building a mobile app, it was set to be the perfect opportunity to learn something new: building a mobile interface and shipping it to the Play Store.

Creating a Material Design hybrid application with Vuetify

I've always been curious about Material Design, the design framework created by Google. I've always been curious about how Google managed to create a UI framework that is extremely well documented, flexible and gained popularity over time. If used correctly, I thought that it would be a good choice for building an intuitive interface.

As I'm not a React guy, but a Vue.js guy, Vuetify was the most obvious choice.

Facebook Login with Firebase


What about the backend?

I'm not a backend guy. So here's what I decided to do: create a node.js application that would fetch records from an Airtable and serve the cached results as a REST API.

Compiling the app with Cordova & Android Developer tools

This was probably the hardest part of all. Compiling an hybrid application sounds easy, but setting all the dependencies on Fedora was quite a hassle.

Shipping the app to the Android Play Store

This time won't be as easy as deploying an application on Netlify. I wanted the application to be released on the Play Store.


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