A Fresh Start

February 1, 2016

My main 2016 New Year's Resolutions is to become passionate about something new. It could be a new technology, framework or book. I'm also hoping to start blogging again.

I’m in a point in my life where everything has been pretty much stagnating. I feel like it's time to bounce back, try something new.

1) Learn a new language

I’ve been living in Thailand for quite some time now. I remember how exiting it was to learn Thai at the very beginning. Now that I aqcuired a godd-enough level, it has much less interest.

My personal life led me to learning German. I'm using Duolingo along with some YouTube tutorials.

2) Get exited about code

I have been stuck with the same technologies for the last 4 years. WordPress, Grunt/Gulp, LESS/Sass. That's pretty much it, all the time. I want to try something completely different from what I know. I want to learn again.

AngularJS was my first choice as its markup lives in the DOM and uses plain JavaScript objects. I think it's going to be a great opportunity to improve my JavaScript skills and finally get a chance to play with Firebase.

3) Travel more

I've been to the North of Thailand only once. In 6 years! I want to work more efficiently so that I can take some time off to visit Chiang Mai and its surrounding again. Now that I have my lovely CB300F, it's time to take it for a test drive on the curvy roads.